Elf Mage
Circle of Magi


Very little is known about Hiro, other than he left the Circle of Magi not in rebellion, but seeking something outside what the sheltered existence offered. Hiro himself does not remember his childhood, other than the time he spent as a child learning to control his powers. Hiro did not necessarily agree with the teachings that Apostates were to be killed on sight, or that anyone outside of the Circle of Magi could succumb to possession, but rather felt that the teachings from within the Circle of Magi could benefit to his future and allow him to expand his powers in a controlled environment.

Rather than seek to use magic for destruction, Hiro took to learning to harness the abilities offered through the Spirit, healing and protecting his allies rather than harming his foes. However, the secrets of Hiro’s past may show an individual not at all who he seems to be…


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