Nisha Caldoom


Human Mage


Fleeing from the consequences of her past, Nisha became an Apostate after an incident that left her fearing the Circle of Magi and the repercussions of her actions.

After going into hiding, Nisha met a man named Trevor, another Apostate. After spending time together, the pair grew closer, always fearing discovery from the Circle. This culminated when a figure from Nisha’s past discovered the pair, leading to Trevor’s death and a warning to all Apostate mages who roam free in Thedas. By joining the Grey Wardens, Nisha is given amnesty with an organization that does not care about her magic status, but rather her ability to protect the world from ensuing chaos from a Blight.

However, since that time, Nisha has found familiarity with one of her companions, and seeks to find love and a happiness so thwarted all these years. Whether that love is to be reciprocated remains to be seen.

Nisha Caldoom

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