Ferelden is a relatively young kingdom located in southeastern Thedas. It was formed by King Calenhad nearly four hundred years before the start of the Fifth Blight by uniting Alamarri clans.

In 9:30 Dragon, the Grey Wardens, who were allowed to return to Ferelden in 9:10 by Maric, warned that Blight was due to occur in Ferelden and gathered the King’s army in hopes of stopping it in its infancy. But memories of the Orlesian occupation lingered in many Fereldan minds, especially Loghain’s, who opposed inviting Orlesian forces to aid Ferelden against the Blight, but King Cailan, Maric’s son, was determined to put old hatreds aside for the sake of fighting the darkspawn. It was then at that pivotal battle at the ruins of Ostagar, when Loghain abandoned Cailan and the Wardens to the darkspawn. After returning to Denerim, Loghain installed himself as regent and claimed that the Wardens were the ones who abandoned the battle. But having seized the throne so soon after Cailan’s death sparked suspicions amongst some of the nobles while others swallowed the lie, sparking civil war that threatened to leave the nation vulnerable to the Blight.

However, two Grey Wardens managed to survive the massacre and worked to recruit an army to fight the Blight using ancient treaties signed by the groups to aid the Wardens. Eventually, with the aid of Arl Eamon, the Wardens were able to depose Loghain and united Ferelden to stand against the Blight. The Blight soon ended with the death of the archdemon Urthemiel, sparing Ferelden from destruction.

Unlike most kingdoms, power does not reside exclusively with the nobility. Rather, it arises from the support of the freeholders and even the king is not the unchallenged ruler. For many centuries the nobility has gathered annually to hold the Landsmeet, a council which functions as the official legislative body of Ferelden and it can even override the king or queen on any matter of law.

A History of Ferelden


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