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In War: Victory
In Peace: Vigilance
In Death: Sacrifice

Twelve Years after the events of the Inquisition, war continues to wreak destruction through Thedas. While the end of the Mage-Templar War led to a tense peace between the Chantry and the now seceded Circle of Magi, the fear of Apostates remains an ever-present threat, along with concerns of a mounting attack from the Qunari in the North. The Inquisition continues to remain a steadfast organization attempting to maintain peace throughout the lands, but with the memory of the war between the Elder One fading from the memories of many, protesters of the Inquisition’s power are gaining a voice throughout Thedas, calling for the disbandment of the Inquisition, along with the prosecution of the Inquisitor and any allies.

But that is a fleeting concern as you enter the city of Starkhaven. Word that the Grey Wardens were re-building their Order has made its way through the cities, and you’ve found yourself answering the call to join. History has seen the ramifications of the Grey Wardens being near extinct, and with that clear in mind, many seek to become protectors from another Blight. Some look for glory and honor; others look for refuge from their past. Whatever your reason may be, you’re about to embark on your first steps to becoming a Grey Warden.

Meanwhile, something lurks to the West, calling forth a destruction not imagined for centuries. Will you be the heroes that conquers the darkness? Or will you fall victim in its wake?

Player Characters:
Adrian Cousland
Bastion a.k.a. “Luca de Baptiste”
Nisha Caldoom

Home Page

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